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Meister Walter Nirschl Cimbasso in F Benicchio Model - Demo Instrument
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Model 3100/W PT-12 is the six valve version of the famous PT-10. It offers acoustical and musical perfection in a true large-bore configuration. Unprecedented tonal and musical capabilities. equal to the most demanding orchestral situations. have made this one of the most significant low-brass instruments of our time. Six rotary valves with 3B linkages. Nickel-silver inner and outer slides. ferrules. braces and trim. Gold brass leadpipe. Bell 42cm. height 92 cm. Graduated Bore 0.750" to 0.825" (19-21 Mm.) Includes a Perantucci mouthpiece of your choice and standard service accessories.

The PT-12 is an important part of the Perantucci tradition of finest. professional quality instruments. The sixth valve provides additional facility and tuning options. particularly in the low register. In addition. the added weight provides more resistance for those who prefer this characteristic of response. This. along with it's larger counterpart. the PT-16. is the ultimate of German six-valve F-tubas. award winning masterpieces often copied but never equaled!

Goldbrass lacquer finish. 6 valves (4+2). incl. Gigbag. Mouthpiece and Accesoire.
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