Natural Horn, Baroque Horn, Alphorn

M. Jiracek & sons - Natural Horn Mod. 510
The Model 510 is a copy of an old historical bohemian Instrument (copy after Franz Weckert) which was found in the Kutna Hora monastary and represents a typical instrument played in Bohemia. late 18th and early 19th century. The Instrument is made by using the original technology. which is bending separate components while filled with led. and also keeps its original design and look. with respect to modern requirements for perfect sound and intonation.

- Bell diameter 280 mm
- Pitch: 440-443Hz. 430 with baroque adapter.
- Bore: 11.7mm. Materials: MS 72-80
- Crooks: C-alto. Bb.A.G.F.E.Eb.D.C basso. Bb basso (H-basso) adapter supplement for C-basso. Baroque adapter
- Material thickness: 0.40mm

inclusive Bag for Crooks and Horn
3.402,02 EUR
incl. 16% tax plus Shipping costs
A. Jungwirth - Natural Horn Mod. Lausmann
This model is built in the Bohemian tradition. with a spun bell and without a garland. default sheet thickness 0.35 mm. Any other sheet thickness is possible by request.
An additional tuning slide allows for tuning in a=435 Hz. The corresponding crook set consists of a C shank as well as crooks in Bb. A. G. F. E. Eb. D. C basso. For Bb basso. a coupler is used with C basso.
7.159,83 EUR
incl. 16% tax plus Shipping costs
Soundwear - "Protector" Gigbag for french horn
Nice Gigbag for French-Horn. Very good protection for your Instrument. Incl. Backpack Straps. Colour Black
141,34 EUR
incl. 16% tax plus Shipping costs
MB - Marcus Bonna Brasil Fiberglass Gig-Bag for natural french horn MB-1
Natural horn case with detachable compartment for crooks. Fiberglass shell. durable and replaceable cordura or leather cover. backpack straps and shoulder straps. inside adjustable pads fitting your instrument.
Colour: black
681,38 EUR
incl. 16% tax plus Shipping costs
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