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Massimo La Rosa Voice Line 5L

Trombone Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece model used by Massimo La Rosa, principal trombonist of the Cleveland Orchestra. While we do not yet have technical specifications for this model, we can make a few general comparisons. This model is most similar to a Bach 5G. It has the same mass (0.35 pounds) and has a similar external profile. The rim shape is somewhat flatter than the 5G, with a similar inner edge, but not as sloped away on the outer edge. The cup shapes are very similar, with the La Rose being perhaps slightly larger at the bottom. The bores on both are comparable. The shank end on the La Rosa is a little more refined than the Bach, being thinner and more nicely rounded. This is what the manufacturer has to say:

•  Large Cup
•  Rich, Full Overtones
•  Evenness Throughout Range
•  Smooth Slurs
•  Clean Attacks
•  Soft Playing with Ease
•  Good for All Tenor Trombones

Massimo La Rosa says, "I have always been inspired by singers, and I want my trombone playing to have a vocal quality - as if a voice is being projected from the bell. The mouthpiece is an important tool to help achieve many aspects of one's playing. This mouthpiece is designed to help express that vocal tone and singing quality that I think a tenor trombonist should have."

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