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Breath Trainer - Volumetric Exerciser
The Volumetric Exerciser is used to develope inhalation technique. in order to make use of maximum lung capacity. An accurate scale indicates lung volume up to 5 Litres. The speed of air flow is indicated as well. Slow and fast breathes can be practiced. both essential to good tone production. Essential for daily training. A valuable tool for older musicians; to maintain good breathing habits. Treat your lungs to a truly deep breath!
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MACK- Embousure Trainer
20,00 EUR
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Breath Builder - Incentive Spirometer
This device works in both directions: for inhalation as well as exhalation. The resistance can be adjusted over a wide range so that a variety of excersizes can be performed. Used with a stop watch. lung volume can be approximated. Can be used for mouthpiece playing. to develope air flow and tonal support.
22,00 EUR
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Methodic Practice Adapter
No pressing adapter. Corrects the pressure on the lips.
Steplessly variable, and is dependent on the skill of the player
If too much pressure is exerted on the lips, the air can escape via the provided openings
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